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Swimming with Sharks

If there was anything that could make us forget being duped by the kind of sharks that had sold us Columbus, it was swimming with the real sharks.

We've missed out diving with them once before due to bad weather, and for a second there, it looked like we'd have to pass it up again. The sea had been frowning with waves for three days before we arrived, but luckily, the day of the dive turned out to be nice and sunny.

In her dive briefing, Raffa instructed me not to have the strap of my camera tied around my wrist. In fact, she said not to wear it at all. Apparently, sharks enjoy robbing divers of their photographic equipment. They especially like strobes, because sharks can sense the powerful electromagnetic fields generated by the firing strobe. So I just have to be careful not to let go of my camera accidentally, and be ready to part with it if I don't feel like parting with a few fingers.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted in the water with the tiger shark. For such a dangerous fish, it is quite shy and does not enjoy splashing two-legged visitors blowing bubbles in its swimming space, so it took off as soon as we got into the water. The rest of the sharks seemed to be used to aquatic tourists and didn't even mind the bubbles. They came close enough to touch, and sometimes we needed to shove them away, gently, by the nose. Somehow, these sharks were ignorant of the concept of personal space.

Umkomaas Gallery
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