один мир на двоих (stusik_i_sharik) wrote,
один мир на двоих

A Desert in Bloom

A desert in bloom must sound perfectly surreal; well, it looks perfectly surreal as well. Flat barren meadows look from afar like someone painting in the mountains had spilled a whole bucket of paint onto the grass below. "Accidents" like this are seen everywhere: orange, yellow, red, blotches of daisies by the pound catch the eye and make it hard to concentrate on driving. Finally we gave up and went swimming in these flower pools. Up close, Africa's flora is strange and magnificent. Just watching the intricate cracks on the bark of an aloe tree can take the whole day, not to mention curly, spiny, and downright obscene plants, standing only inches tall above dry ground, made me crawl on all fours for a better look.

Tags: botanical, places:africa:south africa, us, view

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