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Free at last. Cape Town has had enough of us, and we of it. Buying a car through the buy-back system has proved to be not as complicated as I thought it would be, though rather lengthy as the company wanted to spend a whole week to make sure every nut and bolt was in place on now ours Toyota Hilux - a double cab pickup truck with the covered back that I've commandeered as my personal bedroom the very first night. Only I could fit in there with the rest of our stuff without twisting into a pretzel, Nevertheless, Shurik did join me in my new home the second night for company and warmth.

It was difficult to leave the great whites and penguins behind, but in exchange, on our first day out, we got rainbows that pierced through pink dawn clouds that reflected in sky-blue puddles surrounded by horned beauties that let you up almost close enough to touch. A fair trade, I think.

I'm getting good, if I might say so, in shooting wildlife. The camera feels like a ton of bricks in my hands, but I convince myself that if only I kept at it the way I have - all day every day - soon my only concern would be with signing up for bodybuilding competitions.

West Coast NP Photogallery
Tags: places:africa:south africa, view, wildlife
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