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Utila frame-by-frame

Now that we've left Utila Island, our life there seems nothing but an elaborate and wierd dream. Between the divemaster course, the nightlife, and all that came in between, I am left with only a longing to come back, even though it already feels like we had a whole start-to-finish life there. I used my own camera only to document the world below the surface, but our many friends were nice enough to share with us their snapshots. Maybe through them, to both me and you, our life on Utila will make some sense. These are nothing but snippets, but nonetheless, they are very representative of how we will always remember the island we without doubt plan to come back to some day.

in Treetanic bar - a fifteen-year acid-induced labor of love, the base of which is a huge mango tree. The whole place is hills, tunnels, and platforms, most of which are studded with elaborate glasswork ranging from tiny marbles to figurines to wine bottles. It is safe to assume that if the creator was not insane before, he surely was after

the skiff on the day it died and was reborn as Lunatica (Lunatic)

Tatiana - the co-owner of our shop

Me, Shurik, with fellow divemasters Scuba Becca and Orr, and vdinets - wolfing down my famous French toast

Shurik's 33rd Birthday! And, as customary in Latin America, a vicious piñata beating…

followed by an Utilian original tradition - an egging!

Tatiana made the cake, but I stole the show with my original idea on how to incorporate the number 33 in it. ha-ha

cooking and chilling in our apartment with friends

crab soup

Orr showing a good example - there is nothing in the manual about drinking after diving…

beach cleanup

Libi. Her famous words will never be forgotten and will echo through the diveshop in her nasal voice for years to come, bringing joyful tears to all who knew her: "I'm like a turtle. I'm slow on the land… But graceful under water!"

participating in the shop's fish gumbo cooking makes me and Becca very excited

often times several big ships anchor in the harbor, and when the mood strikes I grab a local friend with a boat, pile it up with hot girls (Janneke, me, Geri) and we have ourselves a little booze-cruse

Passover Dinner. That's my deviled-eggs in the middle of the table! First time I made them, ever, and everybody loved them

some of us simply cannot handle cutting onions…

matzoballs anyone?

Geri, us, Janneke, Ricky (instructors)

at Chris's house. One of the best DMTs I've ever seen

puppy girl Geri and I have saved and given to a good home. And Ganja… since we haven't seen him around lately, he is probably dead

going on Orr's goodbye dive. Shurik ready to launch for the buoy

Chris and Geri swimming to shore and getting us delicious coconuts

Snorkel Test!!!


still sober... just barely

Becca - does it right…

when some of us just spit it out

and others throw it right up…

his mask clearing demo though was the best...

Ah… the Cayes…

lounging in a hammock…

stretching out on the dock…

or just having a cold one…

it is a rundown shack without water and electricity, on a tiny piece of earth protruding from the turquoise water…

but we made a fire and grilled chicken with potatoes…

dragged a mattress to the end of the dock, and made love under the stars to the sound of the waves

and then there is the drinking, dancing, partying, and just the simple fooling around…

behind the bar


lots and lots of dancing…

oh! and fire spinning!
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