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From one beach town to the next. From Pipa to Jericoacoara. I don't like it here. I finally understand what it means for a place to have the right vibe, and this place just doesn't have it. The beach is dirty and the sand buggies are expensive to rent. We finally did team up with two Italians, Paulo and Ricardo, and went riding to the remote beaches and lagoons, but that just resulted in a vicious sand-fly attack that kept me scratching for days.

Shurik likes it better here than I do. He says that he enjoys the absence of pavement or any road for that matter. It's soft walking. There is nothing but sand on the street, but all I can see is the guide book warning: "avoid burrowing foot parasites by not walking barefoot". What fun is it to have sand everywhere, if you can't even dig your toes into it?
Tags: botanical, places:south america:brazil, view

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