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Big Island, small problem

So we are walking on the main street of this little town on an island called Ilha Grande. We are tired and sweaty, but we finally know where we going to sleep tonight and that the place has a hot shower, so you could say we are sort of happy. A man approaches us with fliers in hand. "No," I say smiling, "we have a place to stay, thank you." "Oh, no," the man replies, "I just wanted to tell you about this party we are having at our hostel tonight. The entrance is free and the drinks are cheap." "Fine. What's the name and the time?" While I write down his information, Shurik peeks from behind my shoulder and casually comments, "Oh, that's in the hostel the Welsh couple from the Pantanal told us not to stay in." "That is so rude!" the hostel guy acted insulted, but it just sounded like he was joking. "It's probably my competition badmouthing me. My hostel has a 97% rating on the internet" whatever that means. We really didn't want to get into this, so we agreed we'll come to the party and went each to its own way.

That evening we kept our promise. Together with an Irish couple we met on the boat to the island, we came through the gate only to have the guy from this morning wag his finger at Shurik, "Oh no! Not this one! He's not coming in!"

- What? But you invited us!
- I'm UNinviting HIM! He was rude to me!
- You must have misunderstood. Can I explain myself...

The guy was practically standing on his tiptoes puffing out his chest. He obviously had a few drinks in him already and we thought this has already been a sufficient display for the people staying in his hostel, so we left.

I steamed for a few days after this incident. May be we should have just kicked his ass and be done with it. Some closure, you know. But who knows where that would have lead. Instead, we spent our days on the beach or hiking to more remote beaches where we could sunbathe all these other parts of our bodies that don't get sunlight on more crowded beaches. We spent one day diving in a wreck and chasing butterfly fish.

The best day however, must have been the day of the Parrot Beak peak hike. I am particularly proud of this one as Parrot Beak is clearly visible from the town, and it was extremely satisfying to glance on it in the following days knowing that we walked all the way up there from the town below. It's also one of my favorites because we didn't chicken-out and did it with out an expensive guide.

We went just us four, us and the Irish – Neville and Laura. We were warned that the paths can be tricky and we just might loose our way in the jungle, but what's an adventure if not this, right? As usual, we huffed and puffed all the way up and even were sort of discouraged for a bit when an Australian couple in their sixties energetically passed by us. We only caught up to them at the final climb to the very peak – the beak of the parrot that you can see from the beach. It was too steep for them but not for us. We climbed this thing like crazed monkeys, especially Shurik, who climbed it first with me standing below squealing "If you kill yourself, I'm going to kill you!" We had our lunch on the top, took some pictures, and sunbathed for a bit. When we started our descent, the Australians were nowhere to be seen. We moved down quickly. Every time I do a hike like this (as in steep and strenuous), the descent is my reward that I console myself with as I climb up. At first all we heard were the regular sounds of the jungle: water, bugs, and leaves. But then we noticed something else. It sounded almost like somebody was watching a football game close by. "Gooooooooal!" I heard. The others heard it too. No way, we all agreed. It's not even a Brazil game today, and we are too high up. We kept going, but here it was again. This time though it sounded more like "Heeeelp!" "Hello!" I screamed in no particular direction.
- Hellooooo!
-Are you lost!?
Well, there they were, the Australians. The Irish and I stayed put, and Shurik followed the voices and brought them back onto the trail. Poor guys, their knees bloody from falling in the creek, they were so impressed. Fifty years of bush walking only to end up being rescued by inexperienced youngsters like us.

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