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Oh my god! We are in a foreign country and don't understand a thing everyone is saying. I know, I know. This is how it's supposed to be, but we already got so accustomed to Spanish, it pains to give it all up just like that. It's actually not that horrible - Portuguese and Spanish have a lot in common, but it's also quite frustrating when you know it's there, but you can't find it. It sounds like Polish people speaking Spanish. I now understand why back in Cambridge people kept asking us if we were speaking Portuguese, when we were speaking Russian amongst ourselves.

As soon as we crossed the border from Argentina to Brazil, we dropped our bags in a hostel and rushed to see the waterfalls from this side of the river. I must say, I expected more, but it was just as well. Across the road from the entrance to the falls was a really coll bird park where we finally saw Toucans. I would have preferred to see them in nature, but I'm sure that day will come soon enough. Overall, the first couple of day in Brazil weren't extremely exciting. We actually got so much free time we had a chance to upload all pictures and posts we've been writing, buy a bus ticket to Pantanal, and even go see one of the "seven modern wonders of the world" - the Itaipu dam, which, by the way, was damn boring if you ask me. By the end of the damn tour we were almost in comatose state, but later, in the bus station, got a jolt that woke us right up. As we were confirming our tickets, the man in the window jerked up from his seat when he saw Shurik's passport, ran into the back room, and got an envelope which contained our credit card that we used to pay for the bust tickets in the travel agency all the way across town. We didn't even notice it was gone all day.

Tags: birds, nature, places:south america:brazil, view, wildlife
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