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El Chalten, Argentina

Weird time was spent in El Chalten starting from the bus that brought us there, where we met Genevieve – an Australian born who grew up in Hong Kong and lived alone with her ten year old brother from the age of twelve in a house of their own. Her story is extraordinary, although I don't think I'm at liberty to tell it. However, I do have her permission to show you a tattoo of hers which is very appropriate for a citizen of the world such as herself.

I've convinced Oron and Royi(you might remember them from (our W trek) to come here with us, and, as soon as we got of the bus and entered the hostel, the whole room shook with a joyful uproar. As it turned out, the entire Israeli crowd from Nana Hinam in Ushuaia, all dozen of them, were staying in the place and apparently have been draining the establishment's beer supply for a while now. Seeing this, we pretty much had no other choice but to join in, and you can see the results of that decision up above.

Once again, the weather was far from being on our side and we had to spend a few days waiting it out. Unfortunately, it didn't take Oron and Royi more then a couple of days before they gave up and decided to go back. Yet, just as they were going out the door with backpacks on their back, Alon (a W companion as well) showed up on the door step of our four people dorm-room and announced that he is no other but our new roommate!

And so there were three. We spent a day on the ridiculously expensive internet, and cooking in the hostel's tiny kitchen together with about ten other people, all trying to fix a bite at the same time. Nevertheless I have to mention that I've impressed everybody, largely myself, by making the most beautiful French toast I had ever seen. Now I can proudly prove to my grandmother that yes, I am feeding him.

We did manage to on a few nice treks. When the rain and the wind quieted down a bit, we went on short walks in the forest to view points of Fitz Roy mountain, one of the most challenging climbs in the Andes, and then did an "ice trek" during which we would first trek through the forest, cross a rope bridge hooked onto a harness, trek on a glacier with crampons, and climb an icewall. I actually was pretty excited by the whole thing and even succeeded in being among the first ones running behind the guide even though we started walking an hour before sunrise and I hate hiking in the dark, but unfortunately, when we got to the glacier, the wind was so furious that we could barely stand on the rocks above it and the guides told us it would be to dangerous to trek on the glacier. It was so unfortunate to see it laying there so massive and quiet, almost like a big animal that we are not allowed to play with. Oh yeah, and if somebody is planning to tell us that we were duped by the tour agency into paying for a tour that the weather didn't permit for in the first place, I want to tell you that we did get half of our money back, and besides, we had tremendous fun on the rope bridge.

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