June 24th, 2006

Big Island, small problem

So we are walking on the main street of this little town on an island called Ilha Grande. We are tired and sweaty, but we finally know where we going to sleep tonight and that the place has a hot shower, so you could say we are sort of happy. A man approaches us with fliers in hand. "No," I say smiling, "we have a place to stay, thank you." "Oh, no," the man replies, "I just wanted to tell you about this party we are having at our hostel tonight. The entrance is free and the drinks are cheap." "Fine. What's the name and the time?" While I write down his information, Shurik peeks from behind my shoulder and casually comments, "Oh, that's in the hostel the Welsh couple from the Pantanal told us not to stay in." "That is so rude!" the hostel guy acted insulted, but it just sounded like he was joking. "It's probably my competition badmouthing me. My hostel has a 97% rating on the internet" whatever that means. We really didn't want to get into this, so we agreed we'll come to the party and went each to its own way.

That evening we kept our promise. Together with an Irish couple we met on the boat to the island, we came through the gate only to have the guy from this morning wag his finger at Shurik, "Oh no! Not this one! He's not coming in!"

- What? But you invited us!
- I'm UNinviting HIM! He was rude to me!
- You must have misunderstood. Can I explain myself...

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