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Ramayana - Live and in Color

In Prambanan we got to watch the fourth and final episode of Ramayana, the dramatic conclusion of the ancient Indian epos. Ramayana is the story of Prince Rama's fight against the evil ogre king Rawana.

Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu...

...is joined in his quest by his brother and monkey kings with their multicolored armies.

Previously, the evil Rawana has stolen Sinta, Rama's beautiful wife. Rawana tries to seduce Sinta, but she rejects his every attempt, forcing him to resort to trickery. His soldiers deliver lifelike imitation of Rama's head to Sinta, who fails to spot the fake and faints. Trijata, Rawana's niece, calls him a chicken for using fake heads instead of real ones, and ashamed he rushes into the battle.

After numerous battles Rama and Rawana finally face off. Well, kind of. While Rawana is busy dueling Rama's brother, Rama puts an arrow though Rawana's heart.

As Rama is reunited with Sinta, he doubts her purity. Wishing to prove herself, Sinta orders to build a big fire and enters the flames. The fire god Brahma himself descends into the fire and delivers unharmed Sinta to Rama...

...and the two live happily ever after.

Personally, I think Rama is a jerk for not believing his wife, and Sinta is an idiot for almost burning herself to death to prove her fidelity, but the ballet was colorful and entertaining, and it's all ancient history anyway.

a warrior from the red monkey army

Ramayana Gallery
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