один мир на двоих (stusik_i_sharik) wrote,
один мир на двоих

Elephant Wash

After a hard day of work on the river I got a call from my family. "So… What have you been doing today?" I could hear my mom typing as she spoke. "Washed elephants, chased hornbills." She wasn't surprised at all. When I told her about a week ago, I was sitting only a few hundred meters away from an erupting volcano, she didn't even flinch. It must have been hard for her to accept the lifestyle we so suddenly and irreversibly fell into, that we will never be normal, but at least now she accepts my day to day adventures as simply my regular life. She then gave the phone to my fourteen year old sister who informed me of Michal Jackson's untimely death. "You really didn't know! What planet are you on?!" Apparently not the same one she is on…

Seblat Gallery
Tags: birds, places:asia:indonesia, us, wildlife
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