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In the land of the Bull

On our last day together Rick took us to Lake Maninjau for a hike full of leeches and lime green lizards. The man knows all the best spots! Even the forest trails that have small local bars to have a cold beer on the way. We stopped to see if we could find some rafflesia flowers (biggest in the world) in Bukittinggi, but the only two we found were a dead one, and a bud that would take at least 2-3 weeks to open. Bummer.

Traveling with Rick we finally could stop and soak in the local architecture. Minangkabau, the local folks, are so obsessed with bulls that even the roofs of the houses are shaped as bullhorns. According to the old legend, a Javan prince once had a quarrel with a local princess. They were to get married, but she changed her mind, so he sent in the troops. But the smart Minangkabau suggested settling the dispute with a bullfight instead. Javans agreed and sent in a huge mean fighting bull, while Minangkabau sent a tiny little calf with razor sharp knifes strapped to its teensy horns. The story gets a little vague here, but apparently the calf was so hungry it tried to suckle from its male (!) opponent and slashed his belly open. Since then the bulls here are held in high regard as the symbol of Minangkabau cleverness.

West Sumatra Gallery
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